SOONER: I’d Love a Short Story!

Thank you!

In appreciation of your participation, I’m providing a few fun “Did you know?” facts…

Did you know:

…that I cast most of my characters before I start writing or shortly after I begin?

So, Jack was Hugh Jackman – not all Wolverine, bulging muscles Hugh, but more pre-X-Men Hugh. Except Jack’s not quite that attractive, because then he’d be a movie star in an X-Men film, right?

…that Jack has a thing for unattainable women?

I think that might be why he can’t get over Kenna, because she’s always been an unattainable woman. First, caught in a bad marriage that she wouldn’t leave. And now, tangled up with someone else. (You know, pregnant with another man’s child. Only a mild spoiler – it’s in the blurb for Witch’s Diary.)

that Bob’s “people” come from the Isle of Man?

Sometimes he misses the ocean, but then he went to the Texas Gulf and decided that maybe he could do without. I told him not to disrespect Texas (Don’t Mess with Texas, etc.) and he  apologized…but he only goes when he really misses the ocean.

that I choose some of the vivid hair for my characters out of hair envy?

I can’t get the really light pastels (I have super dark hair…minus the grey bits,) so to make myself happy I create characters with those fabulous shades. Check out #6 (aqua/teal) for the great light/mint green I used on a character in SPI 6:

that I cast the gorgeous red-headed Amanda Righetti as Marin?

She’s not quite as tall as Marin, but she plays some kick butt characters, has amaaaazing hair, and is generally how I see Marin in my head. And, unlike Jack, Marin really is that beautiful, because…just because she is 🙂

Thanks again for participating by voting! ~Kate

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