Lost Library Collection: Books 1-3
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Includes 3 full novels: Lost Library, Spirited Legacy, and Defensive Magic.


Lost Library Shorts Collection: Clara & Logan Trilogy + 2 Bonus Shorts 
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Includes the Clara & Logan trilogy: Rage, Forgiveness, and Love. After some fan requests, I wrote an additional Clara & Logan short included here: Moving. Also included is Revealed, Max’s intro to the Texas Pack.

Mirror, Mirror: A Collection of Halloween Shorts
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Five stories, five mirrors, and a solid dash of fantasy combine to make this collection a Halloween treat.

Fiona as she grapples with an overactive imagination or accepts that the mirror she’s inherited truly is cursed in “The Covered Mirror.”
Jean as she struggles with the grief of losing a loved one while a treasured gift from her past takes on a shocking new life of its own in “On Wings of Steel.”
Grace as an ominous environment and odd occurrences push her with increasing urgency to question her past and her future in “The Girl in the Mirror.”
Young Anders as he suffers the pangs of first love lost and learns exactly how clever some video games can be in “Magick Mirror.”
And the talented painter Tori as she helps a lost soul find a solution to a decades old dilemma and discovers love along the way in “The Antique Mirror.”

Mirror, Mirror offers a wonderful introduction to five fantasy authors, but each of these stories is also a self-contained adventure for readers to enjoy.

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