Spirelli Paranormal Investigations Series

ack Spirelli, paranormal investigator, public debunker of paranormal frauds, and private fixer for the magic-using community has opened his doors.

Jack’s in a crunch. Since he went pseudo-public with Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, his business has sky-rocketed. Debunking the scum who prey on vulnerable targets makes up half his business now. And the rest of his time? Jack’s on speed dial with the Texas Lycan Pack, the Inter-Pack Policing Cooperative gives him an occasional ring, and anything that goes bump in the night might just call him with a job.

He needs an assistant, another investigator, and some additional muscle, but maybe the dragon who just walked in and applied will do for now.

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A true medium or just another fake? Jack’s on the case.

Conrad Blevins speaks with the dead. Or does he? Is Conrad a psychic for hire or a fraud preying on the recently bereaved? Jack Spirelli and his dragon side-kick Marin hunt for the truth, even as the pursuit endangers their lives.

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Jack Spirelli describes the Coven of Light as a cult-like organization, with dangerously powerful members and no love for mundane humanity. He was also on record as categorically refusing to involve himself in a case that took him anywhere near the Coven.

Why then had Jack agreed to take the case of a defecting Coven member? His dragon side-kick Marin may not speak to him again – ever. But sometimes the right thing to do isn’t convenient, comfortable, or safe. And there was that stash of magical potions he’d been promised for taking the case.

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A new case with a surprising client…

Jack knew the critter living in his shop, affectionately referred to as Fuzzface, wasn’t a rat. But what exactly was he? It wasn’t surprising Jack was in the dark, since the creature had never let himself be seen. Small, clean, and with a preference for canned crab, Fuzzface had become an invisible but comforting presence in the shop.

Imagine Jack’s surprise when he learns Fuzzface isn’t an unobtrusive shop pet, but his newest client.

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A long missing magic book reappears…and brings trouble with it.

The Inter-Pack Policing Cooperative has hired Spirelli Paranormal Investigations. Not so unusual, except that it’s Marin’s father, the Chief of Security, who’s doing the hiring this time. Personal lives collide with professional as Jack and Marin track down a magical book that IPPC covets and that might just be more dangerous than anyone realizes.

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Eminent domain seizure of a magical property? No good can come of it.

Marin’s dad returns to help on this potentially explosive case. With any luck, this is Marin’s chance to resolve the familial tension that’s bubbled since she joined Jack’s firm. But, as pressing as Marin’s family drama might be, Jack’s attention is riveted on the ticking time bomb he’s been told will level the city of Austin.

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Lost Library Series

A mysterious book opens the door to a world of magic!

John Braxton arrives unannounced on Lizzie Smith’s doorstep looking for answers she doesn’t have. She may have a magical book, but she hasn’t a clue what to do with it–or even how to read it. And John’s revelation that he’s a Lycan isn’t making the job any easier.

Before the code to the book can be cracked, Lizzie and John stumble into the middle of a power-hungry mastermind’s plan. Caught up in one man’s search for power, Lizzie soon begins to uncover surprising secrets about her past and powers. Can she and John put a stop to their new found enemy’s plans?

Take a romp through the life of the quirky and well-meaning Lizzie as she discovers magic, creatures that go bump in the night, and maybe love.

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A surprise pregnancy and a startling magical legacy – and that’s just beginning! 

A romp with Max has the potential for so much more, but Kenna’s not having it. One failed marriage was more than enough. Having successfully dodged Max’s calls and dampened the last of the troublesome sparks between them, Kenna learns she’s pregnant…improbably,  possibly magically, pregnant. Add in some unexpected fire witch powers and a little pressure from an understaffed paranormal agency, and suddenly Kenna’s up to her eyeballs in adventure.

Click to read about Kenna’s action-packed, fire witch exploits!

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Lost Library Shorts Series

Logan Braxton faces impossible odds as he attempts a coup against the powerful Alpha of the Texas Pack – his brother, Richard. Ruled by terror and violence, the pack is crumbling and none are powerful enough to challenge the alpha. Logan will risk his life, his honor, and his place in Lycan society to save those dearest to him.

Rage is a prequel to Lost Library, the first full-length novel in the series. Rage can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

Set within Kate Baray’s Lost Library world circa 1979, Rage delves into John and Logan’s turbulent history before they restructured the Texas Pack. For listeners of the Lost Library series, this is a small slice of the past that created characters you’ve met in the series. For new listeners, it’s a short introduction to the Lost Library world.

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Meet Clara, reluctant spell caster and former member of the Texas Lycan pack. She fled the Pack in fear in the 1970s. In the thirty years that pass, she never fully reclaims her life. It takes a loving family and a Christmas visit to give her the courage to open her heart.

Set within Kate Baray’s Lost Library world, Forgiveness reveals in part the journey the Texas Pack book takes before arriving on Lizzie Smith’s doorstep in book 1 of the series.

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