There’s Spirelli news! No, no new stories – not yet. But if you’re an audiobook fan, you might be pleased to discover the last few episodes of Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, Season One are being produced. Episodes 1-3 are already available individually and as a collection, and Episode 4 (Something Nasty in the Attic) just released.

Also, Spirelli Paranormal Investigations has gotten a new look. As much as I loved the former covers, the new covers are a little more in keeping with their content and genre. I adore them, and I hope you do, too. There are a few stragglers as the various retailers and formats get switched. If you don’t see the new look now you should soon.

Since I was recovering them – Bonus! – I went ahead and gave them their own titles. Enjoy!

1 – The Disappearing Client
2 – The Forgotten Memories
3 – The Fleeing Witch
4 – Something Nasty in the Attic
5 – The Geolocating Book
6 – The Heartbeat in the House

Finally, my narrator has just agreed to take on Entombed, so you should be seeing it in audio before the end of the year. So exciting = )

Let me know what you think about the new look and the audiobooks!

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