At the end of the year, there’s always that feeling of: where did the time go? And, did I get anything done? So, here’s the answer! I’ve compiled a 2015-Accomplished list =)

  • Published 2 Lost Library books: Defensive Magic and Witch’s Diary. Started the 5th Lost Library book, Witch’s Dilemma.
  • Released two holiday-themed anthologies, Mirror, Mirror and Demon’s Delight, which included my own submissions “The Covered Mirror,” and “Krampus Gone Wild.”
  • Started a new series, Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, and released 4 episodes.
  • Published an early draft version of Mistaken, a thriller short, on this blog as I wrote each chapter–my first “live” story online! Started a second “live” project, Timely Love.
  • Released 2 audio books, Lost Library and Witch’s Diary, and 3 audio shorts, Rage, Forgiveness, and Revealed.

What’s planned for 2016? My schedule can change based on a variety of factors, but this is what’s in the works!

  • The release of Witch’s Dilemma and Witch’s Curse, which will conclude Kenna’s trilogy and are books 5 and 6 in the Lost Library series.
  • The release of Necromancy, a Lost Library story featuring Lizzie.
  • SPI Episodes 5 & 6 of Season One, as well as the beginning of Season Two. While sales haven’t been fabulous and the episodes are more time consuming to complete than anticipated, the response I’ve received is quite positive. So if you’re a SPI fan, look for a Season Two with three episodes =)
  • Publication of the edited versions of Mistaken, Timely Love, and Ghostly Love, my “live” blog pub projects, to major retailers.
  • Audio book release of Lost Library books 2, 3, and 5 (Spirited Legacy, Defensive Magic, and Witch’s Dilemma,) as well as the remainder of Logan and Clara’s stories (Love and Moving.) I’ll also be looking at releasing the SPI episodes in audio but no firm plans.
  • Finally, I’m planning a Cursed Curio short work for 2016.

Thank you for your support in 2015! It’s been a pretty thrilling year for me. I moved from writing half-time to three-quarter time. Here’s hoping 2016 is the full-time year! And for those who are wondering what full-time means for readers – that means more novel length works!

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