Merry Christmas, Dad! The print version is coming in January – promise ūüôā

For the rest of you who make your way to my blog…Mistaken_Paperback_small

Mistaken was written for my father as a Christmas gift. In order to beat the ticking clock and also as a bit of an experiment, I wrote the story directly within blog entries on my blog. Which means:

  1. The chapters were quite short and timed to end in questions, if not mini-cliffhangers. (13 in total for the rough draft, 7 or 8 are expected in the final draft)
  2. The content was completely unedited–even by me–when posted. By which I mean the story arc & grammar went¬†unreviewed before posting, and there’s been no¬†fact-checking/expert input. If you saw a major flaw, no worries! My team and I will have a good look at the story before it’s re-released into the wild.

January 2nd, I’m planning to remove the story from my¬†blog, with the exception of the first 2 chapters, and finish up with final edits. If you’d like to see the final, edited¬†work, you can find buy links here when they’re live.

I enjoyed writing the story enough to leave it open for future stories (the series is titled “Beauregard” after the main character,) but I don’t currently have a second story scheduled. My writing schedule is full through most of 2017…but I just might squeeze in another short before then =)

Thanks so much for reading Mistaken, and if you enjoyed it you can send a silent thanks out to my dad. I never would have left my very busy and full Lost Library world if he hadn’t asked for a story in a different genre!

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